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  A WOW NPC that shares your last name.
  Coleturner - AKA Willie
  D-New Transmog!
  D-New Transmog2
  Damarus as Brunhilda the large
  Damarus PVP
  Damarus the Love Fool
  Damarus transmogs
  Dryna Transmog
  Happy Easter from Damarus
  Image uploaded by Melkozar
  Imagine-Hibernal Robes
  Imagine_D's mage
  Krisella's Scarlet Set
  Maugrisa Transmog
  Scarlet Transmog
  Solus Christus, Represent!
  Thaddaeus in IF
  Willie's Transmog and Interface

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  Damarus and Family
  Joe and Tina
  mmm catfish
  Thomas / Thadd

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  Dragon Soul 1 of 8
  Shanoxx Down!!

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  Archangel's UI - AKA Willie
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Game News
Solus Christus is Latin for "Christ alone."  It is one of the five solas that summarize the Protestant Reformers' basic belief that salvation is through Christ alone and that Christ is the only mediator between God and man.

Our goal as a guild is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  We seek to conform to the image of Christ in all that we say and do, including how we play WoW.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. - Romans 1:16
Guild News
Other Guild News

Solus Christus Screenshot Scavenger Hunt

Azucares, Feb 20, 12 8:26 PM.
During the week of March 5th, Solus Christus will be holding a Screenshot Scavenger Hunt.  Guild members can sign up and  participate during the week as they seek to snap challenging shot of themselves in various situations.  Each screenshot is worth points.  The event will start at 5PM Monday and be Active 5PM - 12AM each day until March 10th, at which time points will be totaled and prizes will be awarded on the 11th.

1st Prize: [Mekgineer's Chopper]
2nd Prize: 2000 Gold
3rd Prize: 500 Gold

Rules and more information can be found in the members section of the guild forums. 

Now 1/8 in Dragon Soul

Azucares, Jan 18, 12 1:52 AM.
Yay.. Great Job guys!  We are now 1 of 8 in Dragon Soul!

Firelands - 2/7

Azucares, Dec 22, 11 11:43 PM.
Great Job everyone!  We were able to down Shannox and Baleroc!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Raid CHANGES - 12-22-2011 -- Please read --

Azucares, Dec 17, 11 10:16 PM.

Raid CHANGES 12-22-2011
After much consideration and much thought (and many naps and snacks), we have decided to run at least 2 weekly raids. We are not a raiding guild per say, and raids are always secondary to friendship and fellowship, but we do have raiders in the guild.  The raids are a chance for those that enjoy raiding to do so with friends.  We originally tried to design set groups and quickly found out that our schedules will never all match and setting a schedule will be difficult, if not impossible. 

In order to make the raiding aspect work, we will be scheduling weekly raids at least twice a week and allowing guild members to sign up.  All raids will be posted at least two weeks in advance and should allow plenty of time to consider if one can attend or not. 
Raids will last 2 hours.  They will start on time and stop on time.  All raids will generally start at 7:00PM and last until 9:00PM, though not all raids will start at the same time or on the same days.  We will start in Firelands and by February we should be starting in Dragon Soul.

Loot and Raid Rewards

We have given much thought to the
loot system that we should adopt and use.  We want no one to feel left out and we want no one to feel that the system is unfair.  We know that we will never please everyone, but we have tried to consider all aspects of the rewards that are gained by raiding. 

Loot will be on a true need before greed basis.  This need before greed basis is the epitome of the Christian life.  We are only as strong as the weakest among us.  There are factors that will under-gird this need before greed system.  The factors are: current item, raid attendance, and frequency of reward.  To put it simply, if you are active in helping the guild and your need for an item is clearly apparent, you will be awarded the item, if it drops.  In all other cases we will be using a list similar to the suicide kings loot system. -- More information will be available in the Forums..

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